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Jobs to do before the kit arrives (see pics below):

1. Remove front subframe
2. Remove front of car
3. Remove inner wings
4. Remove steering rack mounting bracket
5. Trim inner wings were subframe mounts
6. Remove captive nuts from bulkhead
7. Cut new hole for steering rack
8. Make 2 reinforcing brackets for the subframe floor mountings

Front coming off
Front coming off
This is what +90mm looks like
Front +90mm
Front off
Front off
Steering rack mount off, not needed as rack bolts to metro subframe
Steering mount
Found holes under front shock mounts both sides
Hole inner wing
Repaired hole O/S, strip of metal clamped in place for extension
Hole fixed
Repaired hole N/S, strip of metal clamped in place for extension
Hole inner wing
2 x reinforcing plates
Reinforcing plates
Inner wing has a lip that needs to be removed
Inner wing lip
Inner wing lip removed, from center of bottom shock hole to bottom of lip is now 15mm
Inner wing lip removed
2 x captive nuts foul the subframe and so need removing
Captive nuts
New hole for steering rack 20mm diameter
New hole for steering
All grinding done and painted
All done