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Why Nitrous :-)
I have three main reasons:

1. Cost – tuning the Honda motor is expensive for the gains involved.

2. Experience – always fancied trying nitrous, I am more interested in the experience of getting it all running correctly/safely than I am about the potential power gains.

3. Now the South West has a regular drag racing event (1/8 mile) I have the opportunity to do some real testing to see what difference it makes.
What I′ve learnt so far (in no particular order)
1. Wizard of NOS is the best nitrous kit (but you pay for it)

2. Standard B16 can take a straight 50bhp shot without any changes to engine (plugs & timing)

3. Standard B16 has been known to run 100bhp shot with a progressive controller.

4. high pressure nylon lines are better than braided lines (do not require purging)

5. For low′ish bhp shots a single injection point is as good as direct port injection.

6. Single injector needs to be located just before the throttle body, to far away and you get fuel drop out, to close and nitrous/fuel does not get chance to mix correctly.

7. Bottle pressure should be 950psi, if you test with low pressure when pressure is higher you will have a lean mixture, if you test with high pressure when pressure is lower you will have rich mixture.

8. Bottle warmer is essential to get consistent nitrous/fuel mixture (as point 7)

9. Solenoids/nitrous line need to be kept as cool as possible.

10. Don′t engage the nitrous at low rpm, nitrous backfire will blow the inlet manifold/throttle body/air filter to bits :lol:

11. Honda ECU rpm limiter cuts fuel, it will be bad to hit limiter while injecting nitrous (lean mixture = melted piston)

12. When running nitrous use super plus petrol and octane booster.

13. Over 50bhp shot look into retarding timing and running cooler plugs.

14. Bottle pressure gauge is desirable.

15. Low fuel pressure warning is desirable.

16. Only inject at wide open throttle.

17. An rpm window is desirable

UPDATE 30/09/08 -
I have come to realise I have over complicated matters, being pressed for time and buying a faulty nitrous controller (had to swop to a throttle switch at the last minute) I ended up running the nitrous without a RPM switch, fuel pressure warning and octane booster, it worked fine on 25 and 50 bhp jets :-)
The Kit (pictures speak a thousand words etc etc)
Second hand (un-used) Wizard of Nos kit £300
nitrous kit
Nitrous pressure gauge (dash mounting)
nitrous gauge
Crossfire injector fitted to inlet pipe
crossfire injector
Crossfire injector fitted to inlet pipe
crossfire injector
Solenoids fitted
Solenoids fitted
Had to compromise on location to keep the solenoid to injector pipes short
Solenoids fitted
Throttle switch, had to use a mechanical switch as the first controller failed to work correctly
Activation switch
Bottle mounted in boot
bottle mounted
Bottle heater, bloody expensive, heater and gauge cost about £200
Bottle heater
Twisted Sanity nitrous controller, 2nd hand and did not work correctly, solenoids unevenly pulsed which was fixed by swopping to throttle switch
faulty controller

Here's links to a couple to video's of initial testing of the nitrous:

Testing for fuel/nitrous flow

Static rpm test
I have run the nitrous using the standard ECU on 25 and 50bhp jets, as I had to swop to a throttle switch it was a straight shot of Nitrous.
I have learnt the following:

1. The B16 is tough as old boots.

2. Adding nitrous without a progressive controller causes traction problems !!!

3. As well as a progressive controller the mini would benefit from some grippy front tyres.

4. 5Lb bottle is not really big enough

5. Not many places supply nitrous so getting the bottle filled is a problem.

The previously best 1/8 time was 9.39 seconds (with tweaked ECU), with the standard ECU and 50bhp nitrous it dropped to 9.1 seconds, this times does not really do the nitrous justice as I needed to back off the throttle (and nitrous) in 1st and 2nd gear to stop the wheelspin, once into 3rd gear the accleration is very strong and leads me to believe the 1/4 mile time would be greatly improved and better than the 1/8 mile time would suggest.

Here's a couple of video's taken at the strip when running the nitrous:

Mini Vs RX7 - turn your sound up for this one as the commentators remarks are ace :-)

Mini Vs ??
Future Plans
I have been saving up the pennies and purchased a WON minimax controller and TPS activation switch, also sourced two more alloy wheels so I can get some grippy tyres fitted just for the strip.

UPDATE 30/09/08 -
The drag racing at Smeatharpe has been cancelled for the rest of this year as locals have complained about the noise (minority spoiling it for the majority as usual !!!!), so I will fit the controller and source some tyres over the winter period and aim to take the mini to Avon Park in the new year so that it can be run over the full 1/4 mile.