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Mini - engine transplant related
16 Valve Mini A site I have been following for a long time, started off as a mini/vauxhall conversion site but now contains lots of info on VTEC conversions including an exellent Message Board.
16v Mini Shop Can't find a part for your 16v mini project ? take a look here.
Hybrid-Mini This was the firt site I found with VTEC info, site covers the main mini engine conversions.
Allspeed Vauxhall engine into mini specialists
M L Motorsport Supplier of GoMini subframe kits in the UK
Mini-Honda 130BHP CRX engine into a mini
Mini-performance Lots of info including video's
The Clubman Rover K series engine in a mini
V8 fools Rover V8 powered mini converted for £1742
VX 200 mini Building a vauxhall powered mini from scratch
Ring Mini Honda engine into std length mini
Watsons VTEC into mini using modified Metro subframe
GoMini USA company - VTEC into mini kits
SAE VTEC into mini using modified Metro subframe
Ask Restorations Classic vehicle restorer embarking on VTEC project
VTEC-Mini VTEC into std length mini does go !
Mini - General
Mini Resources All things mini !!!
Minifinity Rival to Mini Resources
Mini For Sale Mini's for sale in the uk
Mini Park Internet mini car park
Yeovil Mini Mania Local mini club
Honda Sites - VTEC related info
hybridgarage  Good info on the Honda VTEC
Honda revolutions Message board for all things Honda Info on Honda CRX's