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Due to the different versions of VTEC that are available it is difficult to be 100% sure of the specific details for each one, I have found conflicting info on the net and I'm still searching out definate specifications.
VTEC types
Engines that are used for Mini VTEC conversions and overview of what to expect from them.
B16A 1595cc 160 @ 7600rpm Early versions of the B16A are said to have 150bhp
B16B type R 1595cc 185 @ 8200rpm  
B18C 1797cc 170 @ 7600rpm  
B18C type R 1797 200 @ 8100rpm  
The engine block is stamped with the engine type, the stamp is located on a flange at the front next to the gearbox. Click here for further info.
Fitted to.......
UK spec Civic and CRX, also found in many grey imports such as the Integra and Del-Sol