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Fitting Subframe
The steering racks needs to be bolted to the subframe before fitting the subframe

I used an engine hoist to hold the subframe in place while fitting the bolts, the subframe mounts to the front damper mounting points the tower bolts and to the floor.

After bolting the subframe up I dropped a plum line down from the front and rear subframes and measured the distances between the front and rear and across the corners.

Once I was happy with the alignment I drilled the holes in the floor and tightened all of the bolts.

I replaced the original damper bolts with slightly larger diameter bolts this meant drilling out the original bolt hole threads and using nylock nuts instead.

Spacer needs to be made for the tower bolts,
*see note below*
Tower bolts
Spacer fitted
Spacer fitted
Spacer 12mm deep
Subframe mounting to the original damper mounts
Floor mountings to subframe
Steering mount
Paper stuck to floor to aid with alignment
Front plum line
Rear plum line
Subframe fitted
Steering mount

NOTE: In pictures of the watsons kit I have never seen the tower bolts used, my frame has mountings for the tower bolts but they do not mate up against the crossmember, I shall make up a couple of spacers to fill the gap so that the tower bolts are solid fixed and so a stronger fixing.