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Mini Events
Mini events I have attended.
South West Mini Show 2005
First mini show I went to after finishing the mini.
Mini In The Park - Aug 2005
Big mini show with plenty to keep you occupied, weather was great as well.
Gaydon Mini Show - Oct 2005
Nice relaxing mini show, museum is very good.
Rolling Road - Oct 2005
Went for a power run at Janspeed in Salisbury, bit of a long wait but finally got on the rollers.
Made a very healthy 145 at the wheels, the sound when the VTEC engages is great :-)

Mini magazine was there taking pics so hopefully we will get in the magazine.
Dyno graph     On Rolling Road     On Rolling Road     On Rolling Road
Thanks to Graham (geehawk) for the above pictures
First trip to the drag strip - Mar 2006
Thought I'd have a go at taking the mini down the drag strip, managed to get in 6 runs which took 5 hours due to queuing up etc, the times were:
15.206 - loads of wheelspin in 1st & 2nd gear.
15.228 - tried pulling away in 2nd gear.
00.000 - they mess the timing up on this run :-(
16.167 - lined up next to a proper dragster, it was so noisy I did not realise I had missed 2nd gear !
14.824 - Getting better.
14.713 - Last run as we had enough queuing up.
Drag strip     Drag strip     Drag strip     Drag strip     Drag strip

Links to video's of the action:

Vid 1 - The best run, reaction time was bad as I was trying to setup my g-tech meter.

Vid 2 - 2nd best run.

Vid 3 - This was the run when the timing failed, this was starting off in 2nd gear.

Vid 4 - This is the run when I missed 2nd gear, I could see the fear in the other drivers eyes...ha ha

London to Brighton - May 2006
Did not do the run as I had a place on the 16v mini club stand on Madeira drive.

Shame it poured with rain most of the day :-(
London to Brighton - May 2007
Straight to Madeira drive again and onto the 16v Mini Club Stand.

This time it was hot and mostly sunny :-)
Drag Racing 1/8 mile - June 2007
Heard about a drag racing event in the South West, Dakota Drag Strip, Smeatharpe. website - Streetnights.
Organised a club stand for the 16v mini club and we all had a good time, my best over the 1/8 mile was 9.718, here's a video made by club member James - YouTube Video

I was not sure I was going to run on the strip but decided to give it a go, next time I will make more of an effort as it was good fun and only 10 miles from home if I break anything :-)
Drag Racing 1/8 mile - October 2007
Went to the next drag event at Dakota Drag Strip, Smeatharpe. website - Streetnights.

Took it more seriously this time and managed the following times:

9.688 @ 77.3 mph
9.634 @ 77.1 mph
9.512 @ 77.9 mph
9.464 @ 79.6 mph
9.417 @ 79.7 mph
9.39 @ 79 mph

Put forward the fastest time for the FWD competition and won it :-)
Drag Racing 1/8 mile - November 2007
Attended the November drag event at Dakota Drag Strip, Smeatharpe. There was a trophey for fastest mini this time which made things interesting.

Managed the following times (getting pretty consistant now):

9.414 @ 79.0 mph
9.415 @ 78.8 mph
9.447 @ 78.6 mph
9.476 @ 79.3 mph
9.531 @ 78.8 mph
9.547 @ 78.2 mph
Connected the std ECU back up to see how it performed:
9.644 @ 77.7 mph

Don't think it will go any better with the current setup, I do have a plan for the winter period to improve it further :-)

Got to race against James & Matts B18c4 powered clubman, Matt got across the line first but I had the quicker time.

Stuck my best time in for the fastest mini and fastest FWD and won them both :-)
Decided to stick the videos on youtube for all to see, here's links to some of my runs from this event:

My Mini Vs James & Matts Mini
My Mini Vs MR2
Mini Vs Custom Van **add link** Lost this (van got 8.99 second run) but was gaining fast at the end.
My Mini Vs Mk3 Cortina Cortina had a V6 or V8 engine.