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The usual choice when doing this conversion is to use an aftermarket engine management system, the best one appears to be DTA.
I have to agree that the simplest route is to use the DTA system, but at approx £900 it does not come cheap
I have used the original Honda ECU and engine wiring harness
2 main advantages to this option, the first is the cost savings, the other is the fact Honda spent a lot of time and money getting the VTEC to work perfectly, why miss out on this ?
I shall attempt to document how I managed to get the Honda ECU working, hopefully this will include a diagram how to wire it all up.
ECU info
After much surfing and studying wiring diagrams I have identified the ECU that I need to go with the wiring harness, it is a JDM PR3/PWO, this ECU was used on the early B16 engine and corresponds with the year of the donor car (1991)

The only problem with using the Honda ECU is the need for a vehicle speed sensor (VSS), see link above for further info on the VSS and how to get it woking with the mini/Honda.
Wiring Info
Rather than steal other peoples reseach I will list some links to sites that contain the info I used to help me identify the ECU I need:

Link 1 - PR3/PW0 ECU wiring diagram
Link 2 - On-line Honda manuals
Link 3 - Honda manual, ignition circuit
Link 4 - Honda manual, ECU connections
Link 5 - Honda manual, might be useful - vacuum connections