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The old corsa drives ok now, it has ample performance to compete with modern day traffic :-)
It will accelerate in 5th gear from just over 30mph, it has the feeling of quiet effortless performance in the lower gears, 1st is not very good (same with most diesels) but once in 2nd gear and above it performes well.

So far it has a best mpg of 49.5 and a worst of 43.5 (first tank of fuel, lots of setting up runs), mixed driving it seems to do 45-47mpg.

Brakes are great compared to standard, the tyres are also performing very well, not had any signs of losing grip in dry or wet.

An area that could be improved is the final drive ratio, as the 1.7TD has a fair amount of torque I think it would easily be able to handle a taller FD, this would also make more use of the torque rather than quickly reving through it, once on the motorway 70mph comes in at 3000rpm, as most of the power seems to be between 2000-3000rpm once you are at motorway speeds you are outside the best rpm range.
The corsa 1.5TD runs an F13 gearbox with wide ratio gear cluster and 3.74FD, it seems to be possible but rare to get the F13 with a 3.55 or 3.35 FD fitted, an alternative is the F15 box that is more commonly fitted with the 3.55 FD, it appears to be the same as the F13 box but the FD pinion and main shaft are one piece (on F13 it is possible to seperate them).
An option would be to make a hybrid gearbox with the F13 gear cluster and F15 final drive.

UPDATE 01/12/08:
The intercooler and boost increase have greatly improved the general performance, I am very happy with the power levels now, a couple of times I have been accelerating down the slip road onto the motorway and it has felt like I was in 4th gear and I've gone to change up when in actual fact it was in 5th, the low down torque has improved greatly and makes the drive easier as I can leave it in 5th gear a lot more of the time and still have ample acceleration :-)