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Changes/Upgrades needed and why
Lacks performance (especially on dual carrigeways/motorway), previous 1.5TD had fuel/boost tweaked but still lacking in performance.
Replace 1.5TD with 1.7TD and tweak pump timing, fuel/boost, exhaust de-cat and add intercooler.
Standard suspension soft, changed previous Corsa suspension to G-Max but this was to hard.
This time I will spend more money on a better quality suspension that will firm it up without being harsh.
Brakes lack power.
Changed the previous Corsa front brakes to SRI spec, still lacked a bit of power so will get even bigger diameter ones this time.
From experience of cheap and cheerful tyres and quality (expensive) tyres the difference is huge, if funds allow will swop tyres to quality ones probably Eagle F1.
The GLS front seats were ok for short periods but on longer journeys they caused aching back, replace the seats with something better, SRI seats or maybe something from a different car.
Diesel noise was more noticable at low speeds and when stationary, not convinced that extra cabin soundproofing will make much difference but may try an engine blanket to cut down on the diesel 'clatter'.
Need to discreetly fit a boost gauge and voltmeter, voltmeter is handy as alternators tend to fail on the TD and voltmeter can give advance warning (as does an erratic rev counter).
Electric windows.
Missus likes electric front windows so to keep her happy I will fit some from a different (later) model Corsa.
Brake light.
Must fit a high level brake light, in traffic it does give people advance warning that you are breaking.
Well after all of the work above might as well make sure it does not go missing, also nicer to unlock doors with remote rather than key :-)