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Fitting the VTEC
I decided to use a kit from Watsons Specialist Cars and a B16a1 engine.

This kit is based on a metro front subframe and so fitting this to a round nose mini requires the front to be extended 90mm, it also increases the track so wheels of the correct offset and big arches are also required.

Here's the build broken down into stages:

Stage 1 - Preperation
Stage 2 - Fitting subframe
Stage 3 - Fitting engine
Stage 4 - Fitting radiator/piping
Stage 5 - Fitting fuel system
Stage 6 - Fitting Suspension/steering/brakes/Driveshafts
Stage 7 - ECU/Injection wiring
Stage 8 - Extending front
Other install info
What's included in the Watsons kit

Extra Info on ECU's/VSS etc- Electrics

Other bits & bobs needed